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  • What weather conditions can you fly in?
    The two main limiting factors for our quadcopters are wind and precipitation. At the time for safety reasons we do not fly our system in winds exceeding 20MPH. For smoother shots we generally recommend flying in winds of 10MPH or less. We currently cannot fly in precipitation but are actively looking at some very promising solutions to allow for these sort of flights.
  • How does a typical shoot work?
    Our team travels to your location with all the necessary equipment. Once at the location, we unload, set-up, and do all our safety checks. If all systems are good to go, then we can be ready for our first flights in approximately 20 minutes. On bigger shoots where the client is present our team usually consists of two key members: a primary pilot, and a remote camera operator/secondary pilot, sometimes we only need one pilot depending on the shoot. We typically ask our clients to provide one individual to act as a spotter during the shoot. While the camera is airborne, a live video feed is sent to our ground-station. From here, the camera operator, as well our client, can see everything from the camera’s perspective. Together, along-side the pilot, the group can easily communicate to one another in order to ensure the desired video/images are captured.
  • Why hire us if you or a friend has a drone?
    We could teach anyone to fly one of our drones if we had a full day with you. The catch is flying a drone while operating a camera, getting the perfect shot, and also making sure all of the camera settings are perfect. My 10 years of experience in the video production industry gives me the upper hand between just hiring a friend with a drone verse hiring someone that has been flying drones for 5 years and has been working with cameras for 10 years. Also we use the latest UAV hardware and are always updating to the latest state of the art technology as evolves.
  • Are drones (UAV's) safe to use?
    Yes! Flying drones/quadcopters is totally safe as long as a trained pilot is behind the controls of the drone. I have over 5 years of experience flying drones and over 10 years operating cameras.
  • Can you fly indoors?
    Yes. Our systems are completely electrical and very stable. All we need is a location with a large open unobstructed area, such as a stage, warehouse, sports facility, showroom, auditorium, etc.
  • Is it legal to use drones?
    Yes. It is 100% legal to use drones for commercial use as long as you stay within the FAA Guidelines for example not flying around airports or flying over 400′. Different Perspective always stays within the FAA guidelines!
  • How high, and how fast can you fly?"
    We limit our operations to an altitude of 400′ for legal and safety reasons. As for speeds, wind conditions play a role, but it is not uncommon to obtain maximum speeds of about 50MPH while flying.
  • Can you fly anywhere in the world?
    Yes. Our system is very mobile and can be easily packed up for flying. We have traveled with, and operated our aerial systems all over the United States and hope to one day travel overseas.
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